The hair soap is made from the gel of aloe Vera leaves. According to the manufacturers, the soap is suitable for every hair type.

Application of Aloe Vera soap as a hair soap:

The soap smells pleasant and is relatively rich. We rubbed them a couple of times from the hairline to the tips to get a good dose of foam that spreads well. Here, too, the hair when washing washed rather rough and could be brushed well after drying – but then very well. The hair was after the wash a bit cardboard but handy and rather dull than shiny.

Conclusion: hair soaps are recommended

Depending on the hair type and water hardness, hair soaps work differently for everyone. We were surprised how well they foam and give the feeling that something is getting clean. After washing, the hair feels different, as in shampooing with shampoos, which is probably due to the lack of synthetic surfactants. When washing out the hair you have to proceed more thoroughly.

We have the experience that an acid rinse is necessary at the latest after repeated washing, otherwise soap residues will remain in the hair. Again, try it. An acid rinse may be needed more often in some, less often in others. It helps when the hair feels dull and non-slip.

Hair soaps are definitely recommended – alone, as far as the less garbage is concerned. Most are also made by hand and with natural ingredients, they are suitable for vegans and many get by without palm oil. The soaps seem expensive at first glance, as they are so rich, but eventually the price is relative. On many blogs it is reported that the hair gets used to the soaps over time and then feels just as glamorous and clean as washing with shampoo.

Where to Buy the herbal soaps:

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