Bamboo Charcoal Soap also known as Activated Charcoal Soap has been revelation in the skin care market, especially in soaps.

Bamboo Charcoal soap has many benefits for the skin. The unique benefits of charcoal soap make it a suitable face soap for combination for oily or acne-prone skin to help maintain a clear, healthy looking complexion. Charcoal Soap has been making a splash in the world of skincare. Adding activated charcoal to beauty products is a fantastic way.

Benefits of Charcoal Soap

  • Charcoal Soap eliminate dead skin cells and draw sebum out of the skin.
  • Leaves skin clean, soft, and smooth
  • Cleanses excess oil without stripping the skin
  • Bamboo Charcoal Soap is very absorbent and cleans the skin
  • It absorbs minerals, toxins, impurities from your skin leaving it clean and clear
  • Soap with activated carbon is slightly gritty, which might provide just the gentle exfoliating you need.
  • Activated charcoal soap is formulated by Sway Enterprises with skin-purifying activated charcoal and pure essential oils with shea butter which make it a natural moisturizer as well.
Charcoal Skin care products
Bamboo Charcoal Soap

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