• September 10, 2019
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Less plastic packaging, less chemicals: Washing hair without shampoo is a trend – many people resort to hair soaps. We tested our soaps and talk about our experiences.

We usually use soap for hand washing or showering. But they are also available for hair washing: the soap manufacturers promise less greasy, well-groomed, healthy and shiny hair.

In addition to the effect on the hair, there are other advantages over shampoo: hair soaps are very economical, you get them mostly without plastic packaging and if, then with far less than shampoos, many are also free of palm oil and contain no synthetic ingredients such as preservatives, silicones, parabens and surfactants.

In our article hair soaps instead of shampoo – info, tips & tricks you will learn what are the advantages over shampoo, how to clean hair soaps and what you should consider when buying.

Experience with hair soaps: That’s how you go

We recommend splitting the soap before washing. Just cut a small piece for hair washing with a knife; that is better in the hand. The remaining soap can be stored in a dry place, so it stays fresh and productive for longer.

You can apply the soap either by rubbing it directly over the wet hair, until it lathers well. Or you rub them between your hands first and then massage them into your hair. Then rinse the hair thoroughly.

To remove possible soap residue, for more shine and a good comb ability, it is advisable to make an acidic rinse after shampooing: For this you put a tablespoon of lemon juice or organic apple cider vinegar in a liter of cold water and pour the whole thing after shampooing over the Hair. You do not have to rinse the hair again afterwards: the smell evaporates quickly after drying. Here you can find out more:

After using the soap, it is important that the soap can dry well, so it remains productive and lasts longer. For this you put the hair soap best in a soap dish in which the water can drain well.

Hair Soap Test: Experience with natural cosmetics hair soaps

We tested soaps from the certified natural cosmetics brands and are provide private label skincare manufacturer. In addition to ingredients, we were particularly interested in the everyday suitability of the soaps, how productive they are and how the hair feels after washing.

The soap is suitable for all hair types according to the manufacturer – rosemary oil is to promote the circulation of the scalp, regulate greasy or dry hair and prevent dandruff.


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