Shea butter the extra ordinary natural moisturizer has become very popular in Natural skin care products. The off-white or ivory-colored substance comes from the extracted of shea tree nuts.

Enriched with vitamins and high concentrations of fatty acids make shea butter an ideal natural skin care ingredient for softening and nourishing skin. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and healing properties. Using shea butter on your body, especially your face can tone, condition, and soothe your skin.

Benefits of Shea butter Skin care Products:

Moisturizing: The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin. It is often used to remedy dry skin and to help protect the skin’s natural oils.

Reduces Inflammation: Shea butter has been proven to have extensive anti-inflammatory properties. Redness and swelling on your face may be calmed by applying shea butter in skin care products.

Skin Smoothing: Shea butter aids in the skin’s natural collagen production and contains oleic, stearic, palmitic, and linoleic acids that protect and nourish the skin to prevent drying. By using shea better cream regularly it not only soften the skin but also reduce wrinkles.

Anti-Aging Properties: Shea butter has natural stearic, linoleic and oleic acids which are highly anti-oxidant  and combat free radicals that prevents aging of skin.

Shea butter use in Skin care Products:

Shea butter is only commonly used in herbal or natural cosmetics because of it’s many benefits. Shea butter skin care Products are getting popularity day by day. Sway Enterprises manufacture Shea butter Products with the mixture of other natural ingredients like Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Moringa, Activated Charcoal and Black seed.

Shea Butter Products:

1- Soap

2- Cream

3- Scrub

4- Lotion

5- Face Wash

and many more. To find out more about Shea butter products visit

Benefits of Shea butter in Products

1- Safe for All Skin types

2- Natural Moisturizing

3- Not make your skin Oily

4- Anti-inflammatory

5- Anti-oxidant

6- Anti- Bacterial

7- Anti- Fungal

8- Prevent Acne

9- Reduce Wrinkles

10- Natural Sun Protector

White Label Skin Care Products:

We Provide white label/ private label skin care products with low minimum quantity. We manufacture natural skin care product range and also customized products on demand. For order or more information contact us through e-mail or call.

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