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We all know the soap, it evokes very often for the skin unpleasant sensations even tugging, irritation but that was before, before knowing the natural soap or soap cold (cold saponification). This particular soap is the result of a cold saponification reaction carried out by hand-made masters. It is a blessing for the skin and for the environment

Types of Natural Soaps

Among the soaps often considered as “organic” soaps we find:

Turmeric Soap

Moringa Soap

Aloe Vera Soap

Charcoal Soap

Tea Tree Soap

And many more organic soaps.

It is usually handcrafted or semi-artisanal soap using natural materials.

Natural soaps are gentle on the skin

  1. Natural soaps for face are made from quality vegetable oils. During cold saponification, the oils are not heated and are not denatured, their properties are preserved.
  2. To ensure the proper realization of their natural soaps, the soap makers add 5 to 9% of super fatting ingredients in their recipe. The overgrown soap obtained will be extremely gentle, it will nourish the skin and protect it.
  3. During saponification, glycerin is naturally produced. In natural cold soap, there will be more than 5% natural glycerin. Glycerin is emollient, it will moisturize the skin and leave it soft.
  4. During the saponification, the unsaponifiable part of the oils and butters used containing nutrients do not turn into soap, they remain completely in the soap and go directly to nourish the skin.
  5. Colors of natural origin coming from clays, oils, natural extracts, powders of spices or plants.
  6. Natural Soaps also contain shea butter.
  7. Essential oils to scent the soap and provide extra care.
  8. The natural cold soap is so soft that it replaces several products of the bathroom. It washes the body, the face, the fragile skin of children and babies, the hair while being more natural, more moisturizing, softer, more ecological, more economical, less polluting, less irritating …

Natural soaps are the best friends for Skin:

  • Natural soaps totally respect the environment. They are 100% biodegradable.
  • As long as it is allowed to stand dry between uses, a 100g cold soap can last as long as a 250ml shower gel. This multi-purpose soap is therefore more economical to use than a liquid product.
  • Natural soaps for face do not contain any preservatives, endocrine disruptors or irritating substances. They are better for health and for the environment.
  • The production of natural soap requires little energy. Saponification is a cold reaction. To start the reaction, it is necessary to bring butters and oils to a temperature close to 40 ° C then to mix with the mixer about ten minutes. The rest of the production is done by hand, without recourse to electricity.
  • So natural soaps have a zero biological impact. No raw material used to make cold soaps is polluting.
  • Organic soaps are properly packaged, cardboard packaging or paper ring easily recyclable or biodegradable. No plastic bottle to hold it greedy resource to produce, to transport and difficult to recycle.
  • The vegetable oils used for the production of natural soaps are usually half of local producers.
Manufacturer of Natural Soaps:

Sway Enterprises is the manufacturer of natural soaps for face in both bar and liquid form. We provide private labeling services and have lowest price with best quality soaps. Contact us for more information about our skin care products range.

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