Shea butter is a key ingredient in skin care products. Moisturizing and nourishing, it is suitable for both skin and hair. Discover all the benefits of this true beauty ally.

Shea butter: an exceptional natural partner.

Shea butter is often found in the ingredients of body creams or masks for the face and hair. Extracted from the fruits of an African tree, it was traditionally used by African women. Rich in moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients, it brings softness and suppleness to the epidermis. It is ideal in winter as in summer, to counter the various external aggression like the wind, the sun or the cold.

How to get shea butter:

Choose shea butter. There are different ways to extract shea butter. After harvest, the nuts are shelled to recover the almonds they contain. Traditionally, they are crushed until a paste that will become shea butter after a passage in boiling water. Today, the cold extraction method is more used because of its more interesting performance. Be careful however: some shea butters are extracted by a chemical process, which greatly affects their quality. It is therefore necessary to opt for a biological and unrefined product.

Use Shea butter in Skin care products:

In skin care products, shea butter is used throughout the year. It is a very complete care to preserve a skin in full health. It is perfect for mask to relieve very dry areas like hands or feet. In winter, it is ideal as a lip balm. Applied pure or combined with other active ingredients such as oils or aloe vera gel, it deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair fiber.

Shea butter skin care products manufacturer:

We prepare skin care products like creams, lotions, mask, soaps and many more with herbal exracts like moringa oleifera, Aloe vera, Turmeric, Bamboo Charcoal and many more but one in all these skin care products remain the same is shea butter. For more information about the skin care products and private labeling contact us at

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