A tropical tree of the Moringaceae family, Moringa grows mainly in India, Cambodia and Africa. This tree with many virtues is bursting with health benefits for the body, skin and hair. In the process of becoming the miracle product of the year, it’s time for all to discover its main virtues

Moringa skin care products have depolluting actions. They are even used to purify water in parts of Africa. Present in the formulas of numerous antipollution or detoxifying care, they have the capacity to limit the adhesion of the polluting microparticles, to favor their elimination, and to fight against the free radicals. It is a very effective cleaning agent that makes the skin healthy and found in many make-up removers and shampoos. It is found in most makeup removers and shampoos.

Herbal Skin Care Products: Moringa oleifera Products

Surprisingly, moringa oleifera also produces oil rich in oleic acid, which is in most cases used in the world of cosmetics. It is integrated in the same way as argon oil or other vegetable oils in certain product compositions. In particular, for moisturizing creams or lotions, extremely nourishing oil for the hair as well as for dry skin. Indeed, Moringa oil forms on the epidermis, a non-occlusive film that helps retain water in the skin. Contributing to the waterproofness of the cutaneous hydrolipidic film that helps it to play its protective role.

The range of Moringa Skin care products are emence and growing day by day.

Few of the skin care products are:

1. Moringa soap

2. Moringa Cream

3. Moringa lotion

4. Moringa hair removing wax

5. Moringa Mask

6. Moringa Scrub

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