• September 12, 2019
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At the approach of summer or an eventful evening, comes the time to wax your legs and the shirt. You’ve probably wondered, “Shall I shave? To wax me? Laser remove all the hairs of the shirt, my armpits and my legs? “! You are told all about the pros and cons of each type of hair removal!

We all know that keeping our body hairless in the right places is not always easy and that all methods of hair removal, be it waxing, shaving or laser, can cause problems like cuts, buttons, or ingrown hairs.

Private Label Waxing Products Types

1- Moringa Hair Removing Wax

2- Black Seed Hair Removing Wax

3- Aloe vera Hair Removing Wax

4- Turmeric Hair Removing Wax

5- Tea Tree Hair Removing Wax

New in Hair Removing Wax:

There is always room for new products in the market. And in hair removing wax, it’s time to say good bye to the hot, pain full, unhealthy waxing.

Auragano brings all new Organic hair removing wax. Not need to warm the wax before use and it’s not painful at all.

Hair Removing Wax for body.

Our hair removing Wax is the alternative to hot waxing. The ingredients in our wax make it different from other waxes as it has all natural ingredients that have natural benefits for your body and no chemical make it perfect for your sensitive skin and delicate areas of the body.

Contact Manufacturing and Private labeling of Hair Removing Wax

Sway Enterprises is the contract manufacturer of hair removing wax and provides private label waxing products for body and face . Contact us for more info.

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  1. Hello I’m instrested and receiving some information regarding your private label for body wax. Thanks in advance for your time!

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