Hair removal process may be the most delicate, but there is something safe: with wax all the hair goes! And they do not grow quickly. The pain of wax is something that have to bear everything just to look fresh and young.
What if there is no pain or say lesser pain during this waxing process?
Surprised ?? not to be. Sway Enterprises have the perfect formulation to make a Soft wax for all kind of skin which you don’t have to heat up again and again but also it’s pain less during waxing. and providing private label waxing products.

Aloe vera Soft Hair Removing wax
Aloe vera Hair Removing Wax

Private Label Waxing Products

Sway Enterprises has 2 types of Waxing products available:

1- Body Hair Removing Wax (Cold Wax)

2- Face Hair Removing Wax.

All our waxes are Natural which have Extract Like Aloe vera Extract, Moringa Extract and Black Seed extract as their main Ingredient which keep them not only save for use but also bring natural ingredients benefits to the skin.

natural Face Wax
Face Wax

If you are looking for Natural Body Hair removing wax and Face wax and want it under your brand name, contact us and add these products in your beauty catalogue

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