Nigella Sativa also known as Black seed has been very popular as a spice and also for making herbal medicine. This spice has powerful substances which may seem old fashioned but blackseed benefits are countless for internal and external health for external use it has Nigella Sativa Skin Products or can say Black seed skin products. It also called from different names like Black Cumin, Fennel Flower and other names.

Black Seed Skin Care Products

There are many skin care benefits of black seed. The main ingredient of black seed skin care products is its oil, which is used in making the herbal skin care products. Using in cosmetic it does wonder to the skin and give the face and body the food the skin need to stay fresh, smooth and soft. Few of the Nigella Sativa Skin Products are as follows:

  • Cream
  • Black seed Shea butter Soap
  • Lotion
  • Hair Removing wax
  • Skin Toner
  • Peel off Mask

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Fennel Flower skin care products

Private Skin Care Manufacturer:

We provide skin care contract manufacturing with private label with no minimum quantity. Our products are fully herbal with no chemical involve during the processing of the skin care products.

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