Herbal or Natural Skin care products are not just is demand but due to it’s significant benefits it’s becoming popular day by day. The Original Natural ingredients like Moringa, Tea Tree, Charcoal, Blackseed, Turmeric and Aloe vera with oils like Jojoba oil, Almond oil, and other essential oils and with one Main Ingredient of Shea Butter give the Skin care Products all new look and their benefits will be countless for skin with no side effects.

Private Label Skin Care No Minimum Quantity

With so many benefits of natural skin care products, here come one more benefits for those how have or wanted to start there own skin care brand that is Private Labeling.
Sway Enterprises is the Private Label Skin Care Manufacturer and provide labeling on small quantities on it’s vast range of products.

Email us at swayenterprisess@gmail.com or info@eherbalskincare.com to find out all whole range of products.
or Contact us on whatsapp: 0092-3064130181

Sway Enterprises Natural Skin Care Product List.

1 Creams
2 Body Hair Removing Wax
3 Face Hair Removing Wax
4 Lotions
5 Scrubs
6 Soaps
7 Beard Products
8 Face wash
9 Peel off Mask
10 Skin Toners
11 Shampoos
12 Under Eye Gel
13 Lip Balm
14 Cleansing Lotions
15 Hair Pomade
16 Body Wash
17 Gels
18 Serums

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