We are specialized in the manufacture of organic soap by cold saponification, based on olive oil. almond oil, argon oil, coconut oil, shea butter and from many other natural ingredients.

We also offer other high quality organic natural care products: serums, balms, natural cleansers, scrubs, masks, body wash and many more.

Soap Organic Ingredients

it is the guarantee of a working method that respects the user, the material and the environment

these are 100% natural ingredients, 100% organic raw materials *

Our soaps are made from first cold pressed olive oil and we do not use palm oil.

The advantages of cold saponification:

ecological process: gives a real artisanal soap without any rejection in the environment and without synthetic additive.

surgras soaps: they are enriched with noble oils, not saponified, which maintain the balance of the hydro-lipid film of the skin.

moisturizing soaps: glycerin, a moisturizing substance naturally formed during saponification, is left entirely in the soap (unlike what is done for industrial soaps).

This process offers a rich, very gentle product, composed of soap, “native” glycerin, noble non-saponified oils, and all their precious unsaponifiable active ingredients: much more than soap!

Manufacturer of Organic Soaps

Sway Enterprises is the manufacturer of Organic/ Natural soaps. We provide both private labeling on soap with your logo and also hand made soap.

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