It has long been known that the best products for skin and hair care are those that originate in mother nature. Fruits, vegetables and minerals provide our body with a massive dose of vitamins. Herbs exert a similar action. Increasingly they become the most desired ingredients used for the production of cosmetics. What is their action and what can they contribute to hair and skin? Why Herbal Cosmetics is in demand more now?!

How are plant extracts obtained?

Vegetable extracts are obtained in the maceration process of the raw material of the chopped plant and mixed with solvents (for example, water, ethanol, alcohol, glycerol). In the production of cosmetics, two substances are used, a plant extract or a specific oil substance obtained from a plant. During the production process, the concentration of the main ingredients must reach the appropriate level. If it is too low, cosmetics will not work as they are supposed to. In addition, the way in which a plant extracts its raw material depends on the action exerted by all the ingredients with which a certain product is made. In most cases, these are the most known and popular plant extracts used for the production of cosmetics. There are also new and exotic extracts that are obtained continuously.

Application of herbal extracts

The function of some herbal extracts is to provide natural protection against solar radiation. This type of action is carried out, for example, by the everlasting mountain, the inflorescence of chamomile, Moringa oleifera Leaves, green tea leaves, aloe leaves, black seed. Unfortunately, in most products, the concentration of herbal extracts is too low for the sunscreen to guarantee minimal protection.

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