Sway Enterprises offer natural private label skin care products which are in great demand but have less competition in the market. One of them are

Natural Hair Removing Wax:

Who doesn’t want pain free, water soluble, effective in seconds hair removing wax that leaves skin silky, soft and smooth.

A natural wax with no need to warm it before use, just open it and start using and also no pain felt when removing it. Yes, this is the one of many benefits of using natural products.

Right now we are manufacturing 2 types of natural hair removing wax are available which will add great brand value into your beauty product range.

  1. Moringa hair removing wax
  2. Black seed hair removing wax

Contract Manufacturer of Private Label Skin Care Products

Sway Enterprises is one of the world’s finest global contract manufacturer of private label skin care products. Among contract manufacturers of fine perfumery, organic, natural skincare, beauty care, herbal skin care and private label products globally. We help customers seize opportunities, build brands and grow profits. Understand our unique qualities and experience the benefits of working with us to reap potential rewards.

For more info: visit us or e-mail us at info@eherbalskincare.com

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