Natural products are true allies of our beauty. Vegetable oils, essential oils, honey, and many others help us every day to sublimate our beauty. And charcoal is one of those treasures for our skin. Here are some tips for integrating charcoal skin care products into your beauty routine.
The charcoal contains anti-oxidants perfect for maintaining the health of the skin. He hunts free radicals and is a youth and longevity asset of the first order. Its price is affordable and can be found everywhere, especially in organic stores. In addition to its effects on the skin, charcoal can be consumed and purify the body, facilitate digestion, reduce flatulence problems and give better breath. Coal is therefore to be adopted without moderation, especially in detox mode during holiday meals.

Charcoal beauty treatments for the Skin

Charcoal is especially recommended if you have combination, oily or imperfection skin, but if you have dry skin, there is no contraindication. It all depends on how you use it. For dry skin, just avoid making masks with charcoal to avoid damaging the natural protection of your skin. Like green clay, charcoal skin care products will allow you to absorb and eliminate excess oil that greases your skin and sometimes causes the formation of blackheads or small pimples.

Activated Charcoal Scrub

Charcoal Scrub cleans your skin if properly used. His powers are numerous. It acts against the cutaneous aging thus reduces the appearance of the wrinkles and maintains the suppleness of the skin, fights against the bacteria and therefore the imperfections of any order, gives good looks by descaling deeply the pores of the skin. And it is also an excellent active ingredient for your hair.

Where to Buy Charcoal Products

Sway Enterprises is manufacturing one of the best activated Charcoal Face Scrubs or Bamboo Face Scrubs. We use best of natural ingredients to produce the skin care products like Organic Soaps, Creams, Facial Scrubs, Hair Removing Wax, Peel off Masks, Organic body lotion and many more at a reasonable cost but also the products that are of Clean Beauty featuring Paraben, Alcohol and Cruelty Free. Contact us for your product line building.

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