Moringa Oleifera consists of many healthy properties, 9 of them are listed below:

1- Proteins: Its proteins are twice as much as the proteins contained in yogurt.

2- Vitamin A: Moringa Oleifera plant contains vitamin A just like carrots. However, stay well. For the same amount of moringa and carrots, you have 4 times more vitamin A than in carrots .

3- Vitamin C: The amount of vitamin C contained in moringa is 7 times greater than that contained in oranges, for the same quantities taken. Beyond vitamin C, moringa is rich in several other vitamins.

4- Calcium: the calcium contained in moringa is equivalent to the amount of calcium contained in 4 glasses of milk

5- Potassium: the potassium contained in a moringa plant is equivalent to the amount of potassium contained in 3 bananas.

6- Fiber: contains 4 times more fiber than oats.

7- 96 Powerful antioxidants: the antioxidants in moringa oleifera make it famous among men

8- Iron: it is richer in iron 25 times more than the iron contained in spinach

9- Zinc, minerals, amino acids and several other nutrients are contained in moringa plant.

The new magical ingredient of moringa used in skin care products containing all these benefits, it will boost your look and face will feel refreshed, smooth, moisturized and protected naturally. Visit us for create your own range of Moringa skincare products.

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