Aloe vera is one of the 148 alert various medicinal plants listed among the 300 different species of aloe vera. It has many benefits for health and skin.

Aloe vera is a great gift of nature.  This pretty great plant produces a gel with amazing virtues for skin and hair and moisturizes the skin like no other care for a radiant complexion and silky hair.

What benefits of Aloe vera on the body?

The healing properties of aloe vera have been known since antiquity. Its traces have been found in Egyptian civilization. This anti-fatigue plant is a real booster for health: it stimulates the natural defenses of the human body, regulates transit and sleep, has anti-inflammatory properties, activates the healing process and contains almost all minerals and vitamins. 220 elements of which 80 nutrients are present in the leaf of aloe vera and its virtues on the health are such that one does not find him an equivalent plant”.

-Have you always dreamed of a good fairy dehydrated skin, mistreated by the sun, torn? Look no further, here it is!

Aloe Vera Natural Gel:

-Have you ever split the heart of an aloe vera leaf and scraped its pulp? No ? Experience! Collecting in a fraction of a second a ready-to-use cosmetic gel is almost magic. And if your vocation of herbalist is still in the stage of young shoot, opt for aloe vera form of gel (pure), moisturizing cream, exfoliation, facial scrubs, shampoo … The choice is vast, so much this must of the Dermatology and cosmetics is good to do anything.


With 75 active compounds, 20 minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium …), 12 vitamins (C, B1, B2 …), the aloe vera leaf is very very rich.

A historical use of the benefits of Aloe Vera:

“Originally from regions enjoying a warm and dry climate, Aloe Vera has been recognized for thousands of years for its virtues for well-being and beauty. At this time, its use is also widespread across many regions, yet geographically distant. Its unique virtues have allowed it to go through the years and to be cultivated now in many countries of the world.

At first fleshy, its stems turn out to actually contain a real treasure: a gel with translucent color. The product of universal use, this plant can be ingested as applied to your skin”.

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