After the reign of clay, it is the turn of the coal to be a place of choice in our bathrooms. Already known and recognized for its many virtues on digestion, it reappears little by little in the field of beauty, ready to demonstrate its effectiveness on the detoxification and purification of the skin.

Bamboo Charcoal settles into our beauty routine to deeply purify and detoxify our skin.

Charcoal Masks, Charcoal Scrubs, Charcoal Soaps and toothpaste. It is found in various products of hygiene and beauty. What you need to know about this active star of the moment.

Are activated charcoal skin care products suitable for all skin types?

This active ingredient is intended primarily for combination to oily skin and skin prone to imperfections, but it can also be used on other skin types because it has the distinction of preserving its hydrophilic film. On the other hand, one pays attention to the galenic form used, which it can pose problem. For example, we avoid patches and masks on dry and sensitive skin, otherwise they will be weaker.

Finally, coal is also ideal for those who are exposed to pollution or for smokers, whose skin is often “fouled” by cigarette smoke.

Bamboo Charcoal, a “vacuum cleaner” with impurities

Bamboo charcoal, obtained by heating wood at a very high temperature by depriving it of oxygen, has a porous and very airy structure. It has an extremely powerful absorption capacity that captures and eliminates any impurities such as sebum, dead skin or blackheads.

As a result, the skin is detoxified, it regains its radiance, and the pores are deeply deincrusted. The elimination of bacteria and dirt thus limits the appearance of pimples.

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