If there is one good product that we hear a lot about in recent months, it is the bamboo charcoal. When you understand what it is, it’s true that it may seem weird … But it’s natural reassure you. And above all, terribly effective in many areas.

In fact, it is by the combustion of a certain mixture of vegetable matter including wood, straw, fruit stones and nutshells that we obtain the bamboo charcoal, which is also called activated charcoal. As it is a result of combustion, the result will be a black powder having a high porosity. Some do not hesitate to burn it again at high temperatures so that it is even more porous, more active. This technique will also help to get rid of impurities and gases.

Good the first time we have in the hands; we can say to ourselves: “But what’s this thing? Because it does not make you want to do it. Black is repulsive, no? Believe me, there is only color that is repulsive!

The Activated Charcoal is an ally for the skin

Whether you consume it or make a mask, the charcoal also acts on the skin. Leave aside all the chemical masks on the market. You’ll get rid of pimples and blackheads more quickly. This natural component also has the distinction of capturing toxins and impurities. There are many Charcoal Skin Care Products in the market mainly mask, scrub and soap.

Activated charcoal can be used as a scrub mask

We usually do the facial scrub. Black charcoal scrub will rid the dead cells and allow the skin to regenerate. You can use a scrub mask to scrub your body.

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